21 jan. 2014

Devon Halfnight Leflufy

Found an awesome one..

Looking for a no longer than five years existing designer clothing for men .. 
A job that I inherited from my teacher at the Vogue Fashion Styling Academy. 

Well .. This is a fun and quite difficult task, but fortunately I know many people in the fashion industry. Soon I arrived at this very inspiring designer named Devon Half Night Leflufy. A friend of my dispute (always useful these contacts!) works whit different substances printed from a printer and come meets with pretty much designers here.

Since I am a huge fan of urban myself, my friend quickly came up with the name Devon HalfNight Leflufy. For me still unknown.. Alike I started gathering information and really.. I'm in love. As can happen .. 
The designs are original, full of prints and drawing attention. (From my eye!).

It's not weird that I am a fan of this designer. He was selected for the H&M Design Awards 2014.. These designers who are in graduation from around the world are chosen to participate. He himself is originally from Vancouver, Canada and he has done his Masters at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. 

He'll get there. Even designs are already worn by celebrities including Rita Ora, Cassie and Ciara. 

Soon my assignment will be online where this designer will be shown. Keep u posted..
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