24 jan. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Getting inspired by people from the streets. The best way to get in touch with fashion addicts.

So, gladly I'm living in Amsterdam and the search for such people isn't difficult here. Mostly I go to 'the 9 streets' where you can find many vintage shops, small boutiques and cute places to drink or eat something with your bestie.

If I can't find enough inspiring outfits I just walk into different kind of shops, like Urban Outfitters, River Island, The Diesel Store, Brandy Melville and more. Here I can also find my 'fashion-targets'.

So for my first Friday - Streetstyle day post I saw these awesome boys walking by near to the Kalverstraat. I REALLY ran after them and asked with my biggest smile ever if I could please please photograph them. Luckily they said yes! Thanks guys.

All black on black on black and I really like this style in a sort of way. At the time I love the urban style inspired by Kanye West and Asap Rocky. From now on I am trying to find and shop a little bit more towards this kind of cothing.

A very nice tip for the ones who also like this kind of urban style: Follow @thepackvision (love this one!!!) and @hypevision_ on instagram.


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