31 jan. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle day

Friday - Streetstyle day!!

I was working in Osdorp (osdorpplein) in Amsterdam for one of my promotionjobs (I have 5 now, oops..). While I was speaking with many enthousiasm to all people, I saw this girl. And really.. in Osdorp there aren't many fashionable people (sorry!! but that's my opinion based on my observations that day).
SO I was reaaaally happy I saw this girl. She was a little in shock, because she didn't understand why I was so happy (haha!). Well just check her out:

She told me she is just wearing what she likes and ofcourse she loves fashion, but it's not like she is following the trends. She wants to be confident and enjoy the clothes she is wearing.

I love the use of colors (I really hate yellow!! and green isn't also one of my favourites..), but I find she is doing very well.
The shoes are fabulous!! A really nice and inspiring outfit, chapeau.

What do you think?


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4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ze heeft dit erg leuk gecombineerd! Ik ben geen fan van de kleur groen maar dit staat wel erg leuk!

  2. Super eenvoudig maar wel heel leuk. het staat haar heel goed en inderdaad die schoenen zijn super

  3. schoenen doen me denken aan texas style boots..

  4. Ik deel je mening kimberley. Ik ben echt niet weg van groen, maar ze heeft het leuk gedaan! De schoenen maken de outfit af!