26 jan. 2014

OOTD - urbanish

As I already wrote in my last blog.. I really got inspired by urban lately (the Kanye West thing) and I know some of my friends really think its horrible. Well that isn't that bad, I am just loving all these outfits and I only want to know more about it. I really want to create my own custom style in it.. So, it't time to shop (eeh I don't know when I have time, but I will always make time for shopping).

But first I took a very good look at my wardrobe and just created something with it.. That's why I want to share my first outfit of the day post with you guys. So please let me know what you think about it. Fortunately I have a lot of black and white clothes + sneakers in my wardrobe, because these are just about the guidelines of the urban style.

Shirt: Primark
Long Vest: Vintage
Hooded Vest: Zara
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Adidas
Arm jewelry: Primark + self made
Rings: River Island
Snapback: Crooks & Castles

Snapback: Cocaine & Caviar - Crooks & Castles
Lipstick RimelLondon - Apocalips 'Across the Universe'

Still rockin' these rings!!

This style was created by  a heavy use of black combining it with white here and there. There are many layers of clothing and many oversized garments worn. Match your outfit with a beanie or snapback to give it a raw edge. 

What I've done with my outfit: I got the hooded vest that I am wearing over my snapback. Combined with the length of the other vest I am creating different kind of layers. So I am wearing 2 kind of vests over each other. I created my 'toughness' by the snapback and the holes in my jeans.


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