23 jan. 2014


to my internationalies!

I just thought by myself: Why am I only writing in dutch?! On my Instagram i gained a lot of international followers and my english is not that bad. So for all my readers.. from now on I will blog in English. Understandable for everyone.

Today I reserved my whole day to work for my assignments for school, because I have to do so so much work and really.. The only thing I am doing now is working on my blog, getting to know everything about blogger, bloglovin and stuff. I want to get bigger, better and more inspired by all bloggers around the world. So I will also add a list of bloggers and site's I am following at the time. Check them out!

For the readers who also LOVE Instagram (because really.. I do!!) follow my new account: @inspbypleuni and stay inspired by me.

Love X

Also follow my Instagram.

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