3 mrt. 2014

Jeremy Scot for Moschino - Cool pop-art!

Thinking out of the box!

This is THE fashionshow everybody talks about..
Pop art meets: McDonalds, Spongebob, Cheesecakes, American Logo's and more crazy stuff.

The American designer Jeremy Scott showed his collection for Moschino on Thursday at Milan Fashion Week for the first time.

His designs are inspired by contemporary activities such as pop culture, fast food and cartoons. He has taken  the logo of McDonald's under the shovel and the famous "M" is used instead for Moschino.

The day after (the fashion show), 10 designs were already on sale in London. 

Jeremy Scott has been the new head designer of Moschino since October.

Everyone loves chocolate, right ;)

Meeeehh.. haha so funny!


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