16 mrt. 2014

Becoming 23!!


Today I allready became 23 years old. 
I went dining with 6 friends of mine in Vlissingen. They even sing for me (+ little China lady and the whole table excisting of 15 people behind us). I also got a few very nice presents!
I allready received some happy phonecalls and a lot of text messages. Feeling 23 allready. Thank you all! 
Tomorrow my birthday will start with a good run of 9 km's with my mom. Around 13:00 o'clock my brother + girlfriend will also visit me at my parents place (in Middelburg). Around 16:00 o'clock I will go back to Amsterdam, because the real party will be overthere! A very good friend, Saskia, will come and we will party all night long (IF everything goes ok.. Haha)
Sooooo ready to be TWENTYTHREE!!


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