20 mrt. 2014

Generation Rave

All season TOP-extra's

This season it's all about accessories. Not normal or simple ones.. The bigger, the better as you might know. This time designers added optic and dramatic prints and holographic treatments to their accessories. I chose to show you the real GENERATION RAVE in different kind of shoes. Why shoes? Well because I like shoes and I think shoes can say a lot more about your style and outfit.

Already inspired?! Well here comes more. The crazier the better (that's my opinion to get extra inspired and motivated!)

As you can see you notice different things in structure, fabrics, colors, attachment and anything else you can imagine. There was no limit for designers this year. We don't live safe anymore (I guess most people do, but please just try something!)

One of these already got your attention?!
Which one would you wear? (IF you had the money to buy one of these..)

And last but not least the best sneaker EVER (I reaaaally want this one from Chanel). So if you all just like and love my blog as much as I do I hopefully become rich (A). 
haha no joking, 
just always worship your dreams!

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