16 apr. 2014

Fashionable workwear: YES!!

Yes it DOES excist..

Heee! Suddenly something occurred to me recently. Just a random something we might be doing some more today, but what's not really talked about. (yes I like to be a little vague) It has to do with fashion and nowadays more and more attention is paid to this subject.. (I think!)

Well, my parents or family jokingly indicated me time by time like gosh can you design something nice for our work uniforms?! So my father works for an American company (gas chromatography), so you can already imagine this particular men and clothing only consists of basic tops and polos. I do not mean the neat and sexy men's polos, NO oversized and shapeless variants!! Uggh really terrible (sorry dad), but it can certainly be better overhere if I say so myself. I 'm not a designer, but it wouldn't be that difficult anyway for a designer to just design something representative. Just simple yet neat outfits for men and women. As long as the combination of comfort and appearance is good. Since men find comfort more important than the appearance of clothing. Right?

So I was searching the web (I had some free time to spend, yes really.. not often though) and I was suddenly bumped into the brand Engelbert StraussAnyone familiar with this brand? No, me neither! Until now..

In 1st instance you immediately think: aah boring and simple working clothes, there's nothing fun to? Well you will be surprised, because this brand offers quite trendy working clothes. For example just look at the kind of working shoes. There is a lot of choice in different kind of shoes and designs and really I never knew protected shoes can also be quite trendy ;) Click here to immediately go to the Engelbert Strauss website!

I work at an internet website for beauty & wellness, and as always I am wearing something different every day. I'm just sitting inside in the office and I especially do a lot of telephone conversation with people. That means they don't see me!! Secretly I don't like this part, because I often pay a lot of attention to my clothes and I like to be personally in touch and connected with people. Now only my voice has to do all the work.. So I am struggling to look at my best every working day, but it isn't necessary. I can also come in pajamas if I want..

So now I 'm wondering : What do you wear when you go to work? Are you influenced by your employer and colleagues, or do you have to wear prescribed clothing?

When you necessarily have to wear working clothes, it might be a good TIP to pass on to this -work clothing website- Engelbert Strauss.beBusinesses today are increasingly committed to their employees and want to ensure that they purchase fashionable clothing. Maybe you'll be walking in fashionable working clothes next year! Wouldn't that be awesome?

So after I helped out hundreds of people at this time I finish my post. Let me know what you always wear to work (and what kind of work you do)? 

Spread the word and be fashionable at work!


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From: http://www.engelbert-strauss.nl

6 opmerkingen:

  1. There is serious no end in your ability to amaze me. Awesome!

  2. Nice Blog ! When I go to work I always tale into account a few essential things.
    How is the weather ?
    Do I have to go by bike or by Car ?
    Do I have to walk a lot (no high heels) ?
    Do I have important meetings or just informal ones ?
    Mostly I like to wear a dress. I have a lot of them. I combine them with a little black leather jacket. Normally I also wear black stockings and black heels or black boots.

  3. polo's are used a lot but they do not look nice. We also use often standard shirts with a certain color and clear company logo. always better then the "Suits" that corporate companies often choose as outfit.. they sell it as "being professional" but it adds barriers.. today we need to find ways to take away barriers