10 mei 2014

BUY ON MY BLOG: Cut out boots!

Oh my lord, yes yes I reaaaally found something interesting! You're gonna thank me later.. Because these cut out boots are amazing! We've already seen a lot of bloggers walking with cut out boots, heels or other shoes and now you can also walk in a terrific pair of these!!! These cut out boots from loavies are the prettiest ones I spotted. Agree or agree?!
And I have some EXTRA good news.
You can buy them on my blog!! How cool is that.. Just scroll down and pick your size and you're done. I already ordered them, because I can't leave my feet unlucky..

(Also love the boots in combination with these transparant socks!!)


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2 opmerkingen:

  1. I Love the transparant socks

    1. Me 2 and I reaaaally want to get those. So for some tips, let me know! X