30 mei 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

As you already read in my last few blogs, I went to visit the i<3fashionbloggers event in the Nhow Hotel in Rotterdam last Saturday. There gathered a lot of bloggers. Some of them were blogging for years, but most of the girls were starters, like me. I was really looking for these girls, just to talk and argue about all kind of things. I want to learn from different startups and get the possibility to help each other.

So many fashionbloggers together means a lot of great and inspiring outfits. And yes I was right, the girls did a pretty good job.

This dress had to been shown on my blog! Girl, this outfit is pretty amazing!
Check it out:

This is Nadia and she's also a fashionblogger! Check her instagram here and visit her blog www.nadiavdven.com for more awesome and inspiring outfit posts.

Loving this nail polish as much as I do?!

Tough clutch with this cute dress. Really impressive, I like it!


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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Haar outfit was me ook meteen opgevallen, echt prachtig!

    x Karen

    1. Ja vond ik ook! Dacht gelijk: nieuwe blog hahah

  2. Wow, such a stunning dress. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. I love your dress! Thanks for the visit.

    1. Welcome Diana! It's not mine (unfortunately), but I spotted it on a fashionbloggers event. Every Friday I will post a spotted street style by me X