26 mei 2014

ilovefashionbloggers event

Saturday the 24th of May I went to Rotterdam to join this well and professional organized event hosted by I<3fashionbloggers (thank you guys, it was amazing). The view, oh my goodness. Terrific..

I live in Amsterdam and I am not a huge fan of Rotterdan, but the sight from the Nhow Hotel was amazing.

Just check out this amazing and artificial bridge, whoa! So that was my first impression. While Parisa and I walked on our high heels into the building we were amazed by all the fashionable people and the hotel interior. We had to go to the 6th floor and got some nice coffee, juices and there were some very nice treats like macarons, mini muffins and truffels. Yummie! While waiting for like half an hour, some bloggers had to tell something about their blogs on a video. At 14:00 o'clock we went into a big room where the speakers were waiting for us. I immediately checked all corners to find misses Negin!! She inspires me with her blog, but especially her Instagram and her instant grow in just one small year. We got some presentations from the owner of i<3fashionbloggers, a well known photographer Brendan de Clercq who makes amazing shots and explained some things about the Olympus camera's he always uses, a PR agency that explained their business with bloggers and the company Senanga (which I already knew because of my shoplets)!! - yes you can shop online on my blog.

I am a huuuuuge fan of this amazing and happy picture from the girls and me! Thank you girls, you made my day. - working so so hard that you can just earn money with blogging and visiting the greatest fashionshows in the world. What a life!

So after the presentations there was like an hour and a half to ask a lot of questions to the bloggers. We could ask anything. Ocourse I jumped up to get the mic and asked if they will still be blogging when they become 40.. There were also questions like how do you become famous, how do you find content, how do you get more followers on Instagram, what is the best way to get money with your blog etc etc.

I really learned a lot of the girls. It was very inspiring and I was amused by their positive attitudes and charmes. All 3 were just 'real'.  If you know what I mean ;)

owner i<3fashionbloggers

photographer Brendan de Clercq

After this Q&A we went to the 7th floor where we could use some Olympus camera's to make pictures and we could just connect with other bloggers and speak to Negin, Linda and Yara. First I spoke to a company that sells DA jeans. I gave my business card for a possibility to start working at the brand (you never know right;) ). Afterwards Parisa and I went to look for the girls and yes we were the first ones that made some pictures with them. Yayyy!

Here's some good shots of the beautiful view at the Nhow Hotel! Love it. We also had luck with the good weather this day.

Mirror selfie with my bestie !

Busy trying to understand this Olympic camera..


Love the sharpness of these camera's!!

We also got a nice and classy ginger cocktail

Me and my pretty friend Parisa <3

Ofcourse I also did a lot of networking and met some nice bloggers, like this cool new blogger - FAB le frique and many more inspiring ladies!

Last but not least, i<3fashionbloggers arranged a really nice goodie bag for all the bloggers, very happy with it (especially with the zebra horloge)!

Thanks again to i<3fashionbloggers for this well organized event and of course the big, sweet and awesome bloggers Negin, Linda and Yara!

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey babe! Leuk om te zien en te lezen hoe jij deze middag hebt beleefd :) Helaas hebben we elkaar maar kort gesproken, maar ik denk dat we elkaar gauw wel weer eens tegen komen op een event ;)

    X Lily

    1. Dankje schat!! Lang leve de visitekaartjes he. We gaan elkaar zeker nog tegenkomen. Thanks voor je berichtje xx <3

  2. Leuk verslag Pleuni! Ik vond het echt super om je te ontmoeten! Je had echt een super outfit aan! Keep up to good work!

    x Karen

    1. Hi Karen. Ja ik ben ook enorm blij dat ik naar het event ben geweest. Ook leuk om jou te ontmoeten. We houden contact en succes met je blog xxx liefs!

  3. Leuk artikel! We zijn blij dat je het naar je zin hebt gehad.


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