25 mei 2014

Taste of Amsterdam!

Every year in May there is the big event called Taste of Amsterdam. This year it was organised at the Amstel Park in Amsterdam. Luckily the weather was SO good! For Holland this is high summer-level. SO a friend of mine (who's a fan of food and works in the Amstel Hotel) invited me to visit this event with him. Wooow he surprised me with all these awesome things. We tasted a lot of things and also drank some good cocktail. Especially the big glasses I liked a lot!

I neeeeded to have them, but they weren't for sale. We had to pay some cash and we could get it back if we brought back the glasses. Well you can alreaddy guess what we did. DIDN't bring the glasses back (ofcourse). So I eat and drink some nice things, like sushi, tomatoes, cupcakes, herbs and some other thins and we also ordered 2 veeeery nice cocktails!! Unfortunately I had to go to work at 15:00 o'clock, but luckily there was still left some wine left-overs. Well I can tell you.. It was a fun night (I was alone, but that didn't made it bad haha).

So here are some nice pictures from the event. Don't get jealous!!

These cupcakes were amaaazing!!

Cheers!! X

Artificial food! Perfect right?!

Sushi salmon by the harbour club

Loving these healthy colors 

Strawberry's + marshmallows VS chocolate = match made in heaven


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4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow al dat eten ziet er heerlijk uit!

    x Karen

  2. This looks fun! :)

    Layla xx

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    1. oh yeah it was! It's one time a year in Amsterda. You should definitely visit it next year.

      X kisses