1 mei 2014

Treat yourself well!

This post is for my followers who live in Holland, because it's only possible to book on this website in Holland. So as you might know I work at Treatwell, a beauty & wellness website/platform which already connected more than over 1000 salons in the Netherlands! Whoohoo. Check their website here. So I can give you 10 euro discount if you book your online treatment after clicking on the link below!

Massages, manicures, facials, relaxing in a sauna, hamam or just get your body waxed. Everything is possible at the time. People are more awared with their appearance and healthcare. I once did my nails at a salon (gel) and I am addicted now!! My nails are perfect for 3 whole weeks, without upgrading it myself. So last week I chose gellacquer on my nails (french manicure). It looks so freakin' nice, so here are my credits to Salon Golden Nails in Amsterdam!! (They have very attractive prices, are very nice and they ensure perfect results!)

Click on this link to get YOUR 10 euro discount!!



And good to know  ---> So if you book a treatment that's 15 euro, you only have to pay 5 euro's! BUUUUUTT if you book a treatment that's 10 euro, your treatment will be F R E E ! That's awesome right ;) Just check it out...

Enjoy your treat!


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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha Pleuni geniale manier dit! Ik ga zeker boeken ;-)
    Grt, Kaylee

    1. hahaha ja he! Slim aanpakken en iedereen blij maken. Win-win situatie X