31 mei 2014

Who wore it best?

Who wore it best, Naomie Harris or Rosario Dawson?

Same outfits.. yeah something that's impossible to prevent. Naomie Harris and Rosario Dawson both wore this black, sexy low cut dress from the house of Vionnet. So which one is best?

I think Naomi's body fits better in this dress than Rosario's. She has the rught shape and curves for this dress. Do you share the same opinion or totally opposite?

How would you wear this dress? Both ladies only used some small accessories, like only 1 small graceful bracelet and a clutch.


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1 opmerking:

  1. Ik vind Naomi ook beter geschikt voor deze jurk, zoals jij al zei: ze heeft de perfecte curves ervoor

    x Karen