6 jun. 2014

Colorrun 2014

This year the Colorrun was organized in Amsterdam for the second time. My classmate invited (or just bought me a ticket) to attempt the run. Of course I made a little report for you guys. Just an awesome day in my awesome and happy life. 

We enjoyed it to the fullest. The weather was great, the run was organized well and the music, people and food were also terrific. A day I won't forget. It was just a run of 5 km's. Not reaaaally a big challenge. The fun part was, after every km's you ran there was a kind of place you had to walk through and were sprayed in all kind of colors. This was some kind of powder. 5 times a different color. You can imagine how we looked like afterwards.

We started at a big place with a lot of people at the same time. There was a girl that 'warmed us up'. She had a mic and just told us what to do. Think about jumping, shaking with you booty and just clapping and having fun. Then we counted down from 10 and started our run. After 1 km there were sooo many people that were already walking haha. Lotte and me finished the whole 5 km's with only running! We can be proud, right ;)

In the background you could enjoy the music the DJ's were playing, so that made it more fun to run. We walked through a very nice park with lovely views, so we stopped a few times, just to make a picture of it. Well let's stop talking and show you guys the report of the day!!

Oh oh, first stop and we're becoming green!!

After the run we showed the people overthere some good moves, ate some fries (oh-oh) and treated ourselves with some white wine. We stayed till 18:00 o'clock, when we noticed we were KO. Strange, because we only ran like 5 km's haha. It was a great and especially happy day! 


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  1. Wat een cool evenement!

    x Karen