3 jun. 2014

DE nieuwe musthave-app

YES you're thinking the same as I am.. I found an awesome new app that you really need T-O have! It's already online available in the App-Store. We worked a lot and a lot and a LOT to make this app perfect for you guys.

Really, with this app Treatwell will grow more than it already has done. Now, it's possible to book your treatment online on your Smartphone. 

Hee that's me !! 

In case you have a big party, you just broke your nails or you did a lot of workouts and really need a massage right now! Now it's possible to just check at the salon in your neighborhood, select the agenda of today, check their prices and just book it. For example you can book in like 30 minutes. Ofcourse there's a big and kindly customer service team that will help you with any questions every day a week until 22:00 o'clock!

So find out how easy it works and Treat yourself well!

Want to know more about the app? Check the Treatwell blog here.

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