19 jun. 2014

Finished Akademie Vogue!

Yay!! Today I finally and definitely heard I finished Vogue Akademie with amazing final grades (if I say so myself). I worked my butt of last year and created a nice and cool PortfolioI learned a lot during my courses fashionstyling, media styling and graphic design (Photoshop, illustrator & InDesign). It also helped me with the start-up of my blog and also with making my own business cards, logo and lay-outs.

So now it's real, done, YES - Holiday! Kind of.. I am still working like 30 hours a week at Treatwell and besides my work I am now training more and more to get the final touches on my summer body ;) and of course I am packing my bags (OMG I only can take 30 kilo's for 3 whole months \=), go to the Primark for some extra summer shorts and other useless cheap stuff and just enjoy these perfect summer days in Amsterdam. The weather here is now like 23 - 28 degrees!! At the 23th of June I will finally fly to the beautiful and warm Turkey. In summer it can be around 45 degrees. HELP!

Soooooo here are my results. I proudly represent my average marks for...




Can I be proud or can I be proud =D

I couldn't have enough.. I always want to learn more and DO things (you know what I mean?!). So I already signed up for a new course: Photography, jeeeh! From September my photo's will be better (hopefully) and all mine, with a personal pleuni-touch =)

Also got a little present from my best friend Saskia, so sweet!


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