13 jun. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

I got an awesome one for you guys! Yes i know (I use the word awesome a lot, but I dig the word..) So like every day I go to work at 09:00 o'clock and at that point I first need some coffee and just chill a little bit. But this day was different.

When I came into the office my collegue was wearing SUCH a great outfit I immediately had to shout to hear I wanted to photograph her in the studio (next to Treatwell there is Miinto and they have a studio. *dingdingding* AWESOME. She just bought her new outfit at an amazing store in Haarlem called Best Kept Secret. Wow cool name, right? I directly went to their Facebook page and yes I felt in love. They have very trendy things, but their not regularly and do not have stuff you see everywhere.

So before I show you Sietse (that's my collegues name..) her outfit I also want to tell you this. I contacted the shop on Facebook, just saying I love their style and their clothes and I am definitely going to post something about their shop. One day later they responded enthusiastic and offered me to borrow some clothes for a shoot if I was interested. Oh yeaah, definitely! I already spotted my outfit, and it's a pretty good and shocking one. So stay tuned.. Just visit their shop (Gierstraat 46-48 Haarlem) or facebook page if I made you curious!

Outfit: By Best Kept Secret
Shoes: Puma

Doesn't she looks amazing?!

Also want to buy this outfit? -> Click here to go to their Facebook for more.


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