4 jun. 2014

Widget: Live Chat!

I got a new widget on my blog for you guys!! Yes, maybe you already noticed it, because my Live Chat pop's up at the right corner underneath my page. It says: 'Chat with me'.. Well that's pretty clear, right? I am so happy with this widget, because every time someone is visiting my blog, I get a pop-up on my mobile.

Well now it's okay, because my blog isn't so famous that every minute a message will pop-up, BUT hopefully it will be, in half a year of course. Until that time I need to fix these pop-ups ;) Now it's just like a little present every time I get a message. The message shows me where the reader is at the time. Funny is that most of my readers come from foreign countries. I saw people from America, Portugal, Canada, Belgium, Bosnia, Russia, France and more.. really awesome right!!

So this is how it works. I just got the widget from the internet. I had to fix something with codes and put it into my blog HTML. I downloaded some app on my iPhone and every time someone visits my blog or is sending me a message I directly get an alarm on my iPhone. What results in very fast responds. It works!!! So check it out and just chat with me. All questions are welcome!

So why are you still waiting? Chat with me XoXo


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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hahaha.. dit is too funny!! Ik ga het even testen :D

    X Lily

    1. Aaah hij kwam niet door.. Wat raar' ik kreeg wel een mailtje.