15 jun. 2014


As you might know (IF your interested in soccer) the dutch soccerteam had 'a pretty good' match last Friday. Well I can be honest, it was an AMAZING match. We played againt worldleader Spain and we won with 5-1. Yes F I V E goals!!

Wow more than proud is the best way to prescribe all dutch feelings at the time. I am curious what they will do next match, but my faith for the team has grown a lot. What about you? Who do you think will be the worldchampion of the world soccer cup 2014?! I hope my internation readers will definitely let me know ;) 

Next game on Wednesday 18:00 o'clock (European time).

The team we can be proud off!

BEST picture.. hahah keeper Spain + Arjen Robben in the background.

Interesting fact: At the second goal, Arjen Robben ran 36 km per hour!!! SAY WHAT?? Well yes, exactly. It is measured and it's the fastest run in te history of international soccer.

Each day it's getting a little warmer (oh yeah also in Holland..) so I just searched some nice and fashionable sportswear to get ASAP! Work that body for your perfect summer bikini look. But I also added some books about soccer, how to get better and how to fix that amazing tric untill some fitness equipment to shape that body at home. Check it out:


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