26 jun. 2014

Warming up!

Hi guys, you might notice I don't posted a blog every day this week. As most of you might know I am in Turkey now. And I will stay here for 3 whole months. Of course I will still blog a lot, bit it is going to be a little bit difficult to post a lot about Fashion and beauty. For the people who've been to Turkey, they will understand ;) No, not so much streetstyle to photograph overhere and most new clothes are just fake Calvin Klein things. Not really my thing and also not yours! 

Same as last year I will tell you guys about my adventures overhere. I will work as an animation employee in a 5-star all inclusive hotel in Alanya - Turkey. I Work for Corendon and will entertain kids between 3 and 12 years old. My first workingday will be this Saturday the 29th, but first we got some time to relax, get to know the hotel and people and especially this kind of temperatures.

At Schiphol (04:15 o'clock) gathering before leaving.

Okay I will definitely not complain, but the temperature here is so different. At the time it's 38 degrees, that's better than in the Netherlands right ;)
We're a team of 4 girls, Danielle (18, intern), Puck (20, intern) and Christianne (21 supervisor). I didn't knew these girls before starting, what made this adventure even more interesting. Luckily they are amazing and really nice. Every one of them is sweet, funny and enthusiastic. I think we will be a hell of a team this year! The best part is.. Last year I did the same work with only 1 extra collegue, what was also amazing, but we had to do a lot more than this year. This time we can split up and work will be easier and a little more relaxing. (Sounds good!!!)

At the Hotel Restaurant

Team Kids&Co 2014!!

So we arrived at Antalya this Tuesday at 09:00 o'clock (Turkish time, so 1 hour later) and went into a personal bus which transported us to the hotel. Unfortunately Alanya is like 3 hours driving from the AirPort. We already knew, so that wasn't the problem. The problem was that the police stopped our bus and checked/talked 1,5 hour with our driver!! Omg that sucked, really. So around 15:00 o'clock we finally arrived at the Hotel and then butterflies in my stomach couldn't stop flying!! I was so nervous, just to see all these people I worked with.. again! 

I knew everything from last year so we directly went to our room (which was cleaned and finished!!). The best part of our room was that we finally got airconditioning!! So happy! We gathered towels at the Spa, cleaning stuff at housekeeping and cleaned our rooms so we can sleep en live like we're famous. Really out appartment is the best!! So big, clean and we have wi-fi everywhere. 

At the best spot near to our Hotel. Fresh Orange juice for only €0,50!

There was also a surprise. First we thought, what?! But now I am only happy with it. We got some roomies On our Floor. This is a family, Turkish men, russian women and small child who is 2 years old. They are really nice and helping with everything. Think about cleaning, getting extra furniture, making contact, fix our wasmachine and more. Their child is a real sweet kid. Doesn't cry a lot and is very cute. So we can't complain :)

Now we're just relaxing at the beach or pool and went to alanya by night. Yesterday we went out and showed Turkey our dancing moves. Definitely going to do this more often!! 

Teambuilding - with a few guys from the international team.

So many things to share with you, but going to safe that for next post. Keep you up to date.

I will be here untill the 9th of September and after that my parents will come to Sorgun and I will join them on holiday (for another 15 days). Yes, I am a lucky girl (A).

Selfie with the sight from our balcony! Already jealous? Hahah

Kisses from Alanya - Turkey!

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