11 jul. 2014

creating new stories..

Before starting this new blog I really had to read my blog from last year. I thought I could blog more then I do now, but that's really my enthusiasm. We have such a full programn and this heat is also killing me. It gets you exhausted and every moment we have a break we want to use it for relaxing, drinking and sleeping.

Of course we have enough free time, but I didn't expect the girls were this kind of party-animals (like me though..). This is really such a difference with last year. I am noticing my body doesn't works the same as last year. That's because I didn't go out as much as I do now. My team is young, wild and kind of free ;) That's something I really like, but also something that's dangerous haha. I just want to make some time for my blog and also to rest enough. I want to be active for the children!

So I will definitely post every week and I am really trying to post more! At the time we're here for 2 whole weeks now and it's feeling like home already. We already have done so many things and met so many nice people!! 

Our first hard goodbyes were this week. Some of us were crying together with such a nice and beautiful mom (of 5 children!). Then also some kids who came back for kids&co have left the hotel. These goodbye's aren't the most great things overhere, but it's also telling us that we do a good job and make people happy with their booked holiday. Also our first Zoover messages came online. I bumped into one that was about Cindy & me from last year! People who came here in pre-summer wrote that the hotel was nice, but that they were really missing Cindy & me at the Kidsclub <3 Oh my god, I was so happy to read this. People really don't forget us! This is really why I'm doing this. Make people happy with my happiness and craziness.

We also bought us a BBQ to make our own bbq on the balcony. Well I have a short summary for you guys: we're glad we have a man as our roomie...

SO.. okay. Were was I in my last blog. We did some safari's and boat-tour's with Corendon and these were awesome. It's some kind of free day only you are there for the children that booked at Corendon and are also well known with Kids&Co. At the jeep safari I did some water fights with the children (they had water guns!) and on the boat-tour I just relaxed with the kids (awesome job right!) and jumped into the sea and played some games in the water. Family's really like this and we see more people book the excursions. It works whoohoo! Chapeau for us ;)

Last stop jeepsafari

Danielle jumping from the top of the pirate boat!!

With kids&co'er Esmee from Belgium

I can't complain ;)

So 2nd week. People getting to know Kids&Co and also the international animation team really likes us. This team is so much better than last year. All animation is happy, active and crazy (as it should be). They like kids&co and always laugh with us. We can party with the, go out with them and just be good friends with them. This makes us a good team together and maybe we will do a lot of things together in the future. 

Also spoke the General Manager again and he is very happy Kids&Co is back again in his hotel. He hopes we get a lot of Zoover reviews like last year. (well I can fix that haha). He is a lot at the hotel and really tries to be there for us. We (kids&co) are lucky to have this kind of manager and hotel. I think we're treated better than all the other hotels from Kids&Co!! 

We spent our first free day at the beach (not the Paradiso-one because there are to many people we know) just for relaxing and getting our first tan (not only our arms and legs).

Our pirate week has finished. We made pirate hat's, painted the children into pirates and did some games + quests with them. Also looked for wild animals in the woods of the hotel and made our own cocktails at the bar. Tijger & Loeloe (our animal mascottes) pass by every day. Well just know that it's like 40-45 degrees overhere and the suit is like a big furry panter we're wearing. We have to wear the suit at least like 20 minutes, so you can figure out how much we sweat overhere ;) But children love it and really asking for them. Also Loekie & Lot came by a lot this week. My collegue Puck also liked to play these characters as much as I do and when we are Loekie & Lot it's really one big party haha. We can just do anything we want (because we play kids who are 5 years old and are a little naughty but also veeeeery cute). We always go to dinner in these outfits and make a lot of noise so everybody sees Kids&Co is busy with their activity. The minidisco with Loekie&Lot is always a cardio-one. I burn around 400 kcal in one minidisco i think haha. 

Loeloe's playing pingpong 

We went to the city (Alanya) a LOT this last week. Not only for the dutch soccer matches but also just for fun. We found a bar that's amazing. Read: music, drinks but also barmen. They are so nice and the atmosphere over there is just really nice. The bar is called Los Angeles Bar. We ALWAYS get at least 3 free shots a night. (A)

Me as Loekie (left) and Lot (right)

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  1. Wow de foto's zien er echt gezellig uit! Ik heb er echt spijt van dat ik nooit animator ben geweest!

    x Karen

  2. Hi Karen. Dankjewel. Ja het is echt geweldig om dit te doen!! Dikke kus vanuit Turkije.