18 jul. 2014

Crying mommy's

We had our first 2 crying mommy's! One of them is maybe thinking to come back to Paradiso in August. Aaaah only the thought makes me very happy. Of course we hope to see them (whole family) again asap. It is and stays very difficult to say goodbye =(

Such a great family!!!

Alanya view with Danielle during Corendon jeepsafari

And suddenly we aren't here for the first few days, but it's already week 4!! My friends just arrived and I directly went to them in the Lobby in my Lot outfit. They made me so happy. It's a little 'Holland' over here. I showed them around and also arranged a surprise for Nene, because this thursday is her birthday (33). With Corendon I will take my friends on a jeep safari on friday. I will also show them the nightlife of Alanya this week. I have a LOT to tell so this week is going to be amazing.

Last week we had our first birthday. This time it was Loeloe who became 5 years!! We arranged a very nice chocolate cake for her and many children came to her birthday. They were singing, eating cake en gave some nice presents like drawings and ice creams. (that's what she really loves). ;)

There are coming A LOT of children to Paradiso who were also here last year. I really didn't expected this, but every week there is someone I know. Last night also. A girl with veeeery long hair was waiting in the lobby and I thought, wauw her hair is so pretty. When she turned I recognized her face, but didn't directly knew who she was. I asked her if she was here last year and with a big smile she said: YES. I gave her a cuddle and welcomed here again to Paradiso and Kids&Co. Last year I made a very (and my first!!) fish braid in her hair.


Minidisco time!

So in the evening before minidisco we always have an activity at 19:30 o'clock. Yesterday we had movie night and watched Madagaskar 1. So many children came, I think like 15!! These are the best nights, because children like to watch movies and we can also relax a little. For me this is extra blog-time ;)

I have to work until the 28th of August and at first I would be staying until the 24th of September with my holiday of 15 days included. Unfortunately I can't have a no show on my holiday-trip. If I won't fly from Amsterdam to Turkey on the 9th of September the whole trip will be cancelled. This means I have to go to Amsterdam at the 4th of September. Rest, relax, pack in Amsterdam and go back again to Turkey the 9th op September. At first I was really disappointed, but maybe it's also nice because I can see my roomies a little bit earlier and also give my friends a big hug. Well I will just see how it will be. Now I just enjoy my time overhere to the fullest!!

So my dear friends are over here. Alyssa en Nene are really enjoying life over here. On their first night I needed to take them and show them the nightlife of Alanya. I brought them to our favourite bar Los Angeles Bar and introduced our friends to them. We ordered a mojito and Caipirinha fishboles and also drank some Raki, because Nene really wanted to try this. Don't know if it was a right decision, but it was a reaaaally funny night. We danced and laughed a lot and also brought back with an open jeep. We were at home around 05:00 and slept around 06:00 o'clock. This meant I only slept like 3 hours before opening the kidsclub again. 

This next day was a heavy but also good one. We had many children who came to join the activities. We were searching for animals and different kind of leaves in the grass and trees (it was eco-day) and had lunch together with the kids. A great succes for the third week in Paradiso.

Today it's wednesday again, what means I have my day off. It's the first day without my collegues, because I am spending it with my friends. We're going on a moonlight safari tonight and were tanning and sleeping on the beach during the day. Really the perfect day for me.

With My new glasses!

The day after..
Yesterday night we went on the night safari and oh my god, it was a blast!!! This safari was so exciting. Never had such an adventurous jeepsafari before. We were picked up at the hotel at 19:00 o'clock and gathered with 5 other jeeps. The people who also joined were Dutch, Belgian and Swedish. We had 2 jeeps filled with Dutch people. We first drove through alanya with many horsepower!! Our driver put on some great music and we had so much fun. After 30 minutes we stopped on the top of a big mountain in Alanya. Here we got dinner. The sight was really amazing! After relaxing we started the off-road part of the night safari. There wasn't any light and the jeeps were going so fast!! We all had to wear our seatbelts, because we went up and down, shaked to all places and really had to keep ourselves together. I never screamed like this before (in a good way). At 00:00 we sang for Nene who became 33 years old. With a lovely view and the nice Dutch family's and friends we had the perfect birthday gift for her. We came home around 00:30 and enjoyed some wine to finish the day. 


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