24 jul. 2014


Oh help! Already done so many things and forgot a lot at the time. Where do I start?! Hmm ok, last week we rented some scooters for the first time. Just to check if it's not to dangerous on these Turkish roads and if it's nice to have them. Well it WAS! We can rent a scooter for one whole day for 10 euro and have to get benzine by ourselves. Well with one full tank (around 25 lira) you have enough for the whole day. This is like 9 euro.. Good price, right!

our sweet Puck

This week we did our first activity with both kids clubs. We made cookies!!! Of course it was very busy, because all children like to make cookies by themselves. We made hearts, flowers, butterflies and also dinosaurs, cars and many more. At the end of the day the cookies were baked and we could all enjoy our own creations. I got some very nice pictures of the activity!

A few days ago my friends already left back home =(. They had a good time (this is really the most important for me) but it was also very nice for myself. I created some 'home-feelings' here in Turkey. To say goodbye was hard! I don't like this kind of things, but I really have to deal with it. There are so many children who are so sad that they have to leave. This week one cried and cried! Oh my, it was SO sad. Well, it shows we're doing a good job so that's the good part of it. I got e-mailadresses from most family's I had close contact with, so I am definitely writing them once in a while. They can also read and follow my blog to stay updated!

So the hotel is nice and the people are always smiling at us. We feel like home and you can see everybody likes Kids&Co. We're just enjoying and celebrating with the kids. The hotel is getting good zoover remarks and Kids&Co has already got her first Zoovers. If you want to help me with making my boss in Turkey very happy, then you have to leave a nice message on www.zoover.nl -> then go to Club Paradiso, Alanya and write something like: Kids&Co is amazing. Only that will also be perfect =D

Pirates day

Looking for the treasure.

Once in 2 weeks we're organizing a Holland-day. We play typical Dutch games with the kids:

This week I did one jeep safari AND also a boat tour. Lucky me, right! I had a great week (of course we have to work on these excursions, but it's different). It's really nice to be out of the hotel one day. I also got the CD of the jeep safari (I arranged it with the owner, because it was my friends birthday). I will show you a few of the best pictures...

With Amber from the Kids&Co Club

Aiai Captain Bjorn!

Last free day (on wednesday) Puck and me rented a scooter and drove to Dim Cay. This is a really nice spot in Alanya. Dim Cye is a very long kind of river and they make such nice places to relax, drink, eat and swim. We also drove into the mountains to just get more in love with Alanya. After this we went to the city and had dinner at a very nice and romantic restaurant with live music. Puck at a pizza and I ordered some small shrimps with vegetables and melted cheese. It really was delicious. Of course we joined our food with some good cocktails. On the way back we had a short break at MacDonalds to buy some cola, because we were so thirsty. We were at home around 22:00 o'clock, what's very early for us. We just chilled and slept early, what gave me so many energy for the next day. A good start of a new week ;)

Yesterday we made pizza with the kids. The surprising thing was that 30 kids were joining this activity, what made it into a great day. We arranged everything with Cihat, the kitchen manager. At first he didn't understand what we meant with our idea, but afterwards he was really helping us and smiling all the time. We gave the children some baking dough and put ingredients like cheese, paprika, tomatoes and sausage on the tables. They could make their own sizes and kind of pizza's. We really got some very creative kids this year haha! Afterwards 2 of kids&co took the kids to the miniclub while Puck and me were cleaning all tables and baked the pizza's with Cihat, the kitchen manager. When I took my big plate with pizza's through the whole hotel, everybody was looking so hungry hahah! The pizza's looked really good, but we only gave to the children who made this pizza's. They were so excited, what was really cute.

Yesterday it was the first night we had a circus exploration (a search through the hotel). Christianne was our lost clown who ran away from the big circus in Alanya. She put some balloons with words on it through the hotel on her way to her hiding place and all children had to find the balloons. In the kids club we sorted all the words out and they had to make a sentence. They could find out where the clown was hiding. There were attending around 10 children and it was a very nice activity (for the first time).

Today I went to the doctor, because my right ear was really hurting. My ear isn't a good one, so I told my father about it. He told me I definitely had to go to the doctor for an extra check. Since 6 days it was full of water and it wouldn't get out. Every morning I woke up with a strange feeling and it was really annoying. I told my story at the doctor and he helped me immediately. I had to lay down on a bed and he put something in my right ear. Oh my god, this was really crazy! I don't know what it was exactly, but the liquid was beginning to make bubbles (just like hot lava haha). I think he gave this to me to kill all the bacteria. After that he cleaned my whole ear with a big water squirt (also how they do this in the Netherlands) like 5 times. This was a really crazy and sometimes painful feeling. At the end the doctor also gave me 2 different kind of ear drops and gave me the whole bottles to use them the coming 3 days. All free, because I was luckily wearing my Kids&Co T-shirt. Applause for the hotel doctor!

Went out with Puck at Club Istanbul

Sometimes we reaaally miss some food.. Chris with a McFlurry Toblerone yummiee!!

Selfie with Kaan, animator international team 

I will finish my story with this and tell you more soon!!


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