3 jul. 2014

Starting with the kids

The working part has just started! Our last free day was this friday, when we went on a jeep safari organized by Corendon. We went on the safari with 7 jeeps. We visited some nice places and had big waterfights while we were driving on the mountains. The team that organised the safari was very nice. They tried to make fun of us and others and explained (in english and german) us a lot about the Turkish culture. There was a short lunchbreak were we could eat and have a dive in the cold water. After this day we were very tired and a little burned. 

Chris & me


Our visit at the mosk

So saturday we started with the miniclub. We put all the furniture back in the kidsclub. Almost the same way as I did last year and I gathered some extra stuff, like pencils, markers, coloured paper and balloons from the animation manager.

First days are always difficult. Luckily I am well known with the Kids&Co way of working so I helped where it was neccessary. 

Every day we start at 10:00 o'clock with drawing and making all kind of things with the kids. Mostly we are open untill 12:00/12:15 o'clock. We put the tables outside so everyone can see us (also the parents can see their children having fun with us).

Playing UNO

After this activity we can lunch at 12:30 o'clock. The food is okay, but it was better last year. I think I am happy with it, because it means I will eat bette (less) and more healthy. When the food is dry or doesn't have any taste I will take more vegetables instead of potatoes. I really want to try to eat healthy overhere. Sometimes it's hard because we eat with the children who always eat fries and burger-kind-of-things and there are so many fried things (what I reaaaally like).. I am also trying to go to the fitness, but this is difficult. We don't have many free time (we have, but not in one moment, only divided in small breaks). So sometimes it's not possible to go to the gym. If I want to go I have to go for at least 1 hour!


So we had our first week finished. Reaaaally having a big smile on my face now. The team is good, the people are nice, we get a lot of discount and nice feedback already. It was an easy and quiet week, what's perfect for our start-up. Everyone of our team is getting to know every aspect of the kids&co way of working and we are trying to make all the kids happy with their stay here in Club Paradiso.

We also heard some very good news. Corendon wants to work closer with kids&co. They want us to promote their excursions and also want us to join these excursions every week. What means we go on an excursion every week! Whoeeha, that's awesome right ;) you can think about jeepsafari, boattour and rafting! Corendon is trying to get more people on the excursions because they love (of course!!) kids&co and the children won't be bored. 

There is also a possibility we will go swimming with dolphins for FREE! Wow, that would be great right!!! Keep you posted (K)

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