13 jul. 2014

Falling in love with these kids again

Okay, I am managing my time into working time and free time and want to tell you soooo many things. I really HAVE to write it down or I will forget many things, because there is happening a lot over here. We got our first Skype meeting with Holland and they are happy with the results over here.

We sold our first merchandise (4 cd's, 1 hat and 1 pair of Tiger Flip-flops) and got our first reviews on Zoover.

Already got some messages from Bas (also a colleague/'manager' ;) from Kids&Co who is also following me and my stories on Facebook and blog. He announced some good news... He is going to visit us the 21st and 22nd of July, just for an extra check. (we don't need it haha we just really want Bas overhere). 

Me and lovely anouck 

Hihi anouck'a brother Rens was so happy to be back to see Kids&Co. I also got a present from them. They made bracelets for Cindy and me.

I also took my colleagues to the fitness. Almost everyone! haha ;) We really sweat like animals oh my god. I'm feeling much better after training, like always. It's just gives you more energy. Yesterday I got a very nice compliment from a guest who was also training at the fitness. I walked into him and he stopped me, asking if I am dutch. Wel yess. He said I was doing some pretty good exercises, not simple but really heavy ones. I know what I am doing but it's always nice to hear these things. He gave me a compliment about my body, but also the way I am doing my exercises. In a good way instead of all the men who are just doing something to get more muscles. He made my day =D

We also do some excercises with the kids haha. This was circus day. Practising some good moves.

Our day off this week was a lazy one. On tuesday night we went out in Alanya and came back home at 07:00 o'clock!! The sun was coming up and I felt asleep in the taxi, like the other girls. Wednesday I slept untill 14:00 o'clock. When I woke up I was in shock, because I never want to sleep a lot (inside) when I am free. I's also possible to sleep in the sun and get a little tanned at the same time ;) So after I woke up I tried to wake up Puck and put on my clothes. Without make-up and WITH my sunglasses I went to the restaurant to eat some food. We were soooo hungry!!! Puck and me ate some pizza at the main pool. Later around 15:30 o'clock we got our bikini's, towels and suncream and got some extra sleep at the ABC pool. This is a really quiet and nice swimming pool where people can relax. I slept one hour and just blogged a little. Also spoke to my lovely mother on FaceTime and gave her a little update. In the evening we just relaxed a little, didn't do to much because the next day we had to be fit again. 

Nowadays there aren't so many guests in the hotel. At the time it's high season, because the summer holidays already started in the north of Holland. Unfortunately there aren't so many kids, but I know there will be more in coming weeks. For now, we can give the kids some personal and extra attention. We already made some cocktails with the kids and had a visit to the laundry room of the hotel. 

Some other good news... My 2 good friends are coming!!! Yeaaah, Nene and Alyssa from my Fashion Styling course (which I finished in June) have booked their holiday at Paradiso. I am so happy with them. It's also a little like 'home' if they will be here. These girls are really party-animals, so I prepare myself for a heavy week. They will arrive tomorrow night and I will be waiting for them!

Kissesss from us!

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