3 aug. 2014

I'm not dreaming..

Before you even notice, already one whole month is past. What they say: Time flies when you're having fun!

Today I'm not feeling so well.. That's also my own problem, because yesterday Danielle and me went out to Summer Garden. This is the only nightclub which stays open until 06:00 o'clock. All others close at 03:30 o'clock. 

Again there are some friends of me in Alanya. I didn't knew before they would come to Alanya, so this was a nice surprise. We decided to go to summer garden together. What a night! We ordered one bottle of vodka with some red bulls and took one table. The club is really nice and luxurious. One part of the club is covered (with a roof) and the other part is 'open air'. The music was very good and there were a lot of people. For the second time we went out dancing. I really love dancing so I was very happy. Only the vodka was a little too much. I don't know what happened, because I didn't drink so much but I went home sick (fortunately it was the end of the night, around 05:00 o'clock). We came home at 05:30/06:00 o'clock and I felt asleep immediately. The next morning (or the same) the girls woke up for work but didn't wake me up. I was feeling so so sick the whole day, that I stayed in bed and just relaxed a little. I didn't eat and only drank water, because with only one turn of my body I felt more and more sick. Luckily now (end of the day) I am feeling much better. Danielle got me some food from the restaurant. I ate some very nice soup with vegetables, chicken and some white rice.

Now I am feeling much better and I can definitely work again tomorrow. This night we will stay at home. We planned to make our private movie night on the balcony. Sounds good, right ;) 

We rented scooters again. This time we decided to rent 2 for one whole week. It's super relaxed, because between 16:00 and 19:30 o'clock we're free and with the scooters we can be on the beach very quickly. What means, sleep, drink and relax on the beach after 16:00 o'clock. Oh what a life!! We can't complain ;)

My voice isn't what it was before. After the first week in Paradiso it is gone and I'm afraid it's staying that way. Everyday I am just shouting and singing at the minidisco, because I like it so much! But I'm also smoking a lot of water pipe. That also isn't the best medicine to fix my voice. Well I just have to deal with it..

With my vodka bottle and red bulls

Again, some weeks have past and I am still enjoying my stay overhere. I came up with a very good idea. We sleep at the top of the hotel, next to a very quiet and relaxing swimmingpool. One day I decided to wake up early and dive into the pool. This felt so good I decided to do this every day. Puck and Chris are also joining me almost every morning. We wake up at 07:30 and directly (after we put on our bikini's of course) dive into the pool. Best thing to start our day. I wake up, I move and train my body and I am more relaxed. The view is amazing and around this time there aren't any guests, so it's really quiet and relaxed.


I finally found something nice in alanya. I was looking for a nice head, but couldn't find the right one. I bought this cute one for 20 Lira (first the salesman asked 45 Lira). I am very happy with it. What do you think?!

Yesterday we FINALLY received our kids&co merchandise!! We were already waiting a month to get it. It was a big problem with flying it to Turkey, but okay we have something. This is also one part of our work. Sales.. Something I really like, because I sell good haha (A). Our merchandise exsist from poncho/towels from tiger and Loeloe, flipflops, caps, cd's, surfboards, Loeloe dresses, sunglasses and Loeloe + Tiger bears. I really love the merchandise and we notice kids are also loving it. Especially the bears they like. We are selling 2 days and we allready sold 8 bears, 5 pair of flipflops, 1 cd, 2 towel/poncho's and 1 cap. Of course we can also get something if we sell good. It's 10% of the amount. Unfortunately it's not so much, because we are with 4 girls! Well we just try to sell as many as we can and we save the money for some nice cocktails ;)

We set up an 'Turkish Market'

I secretly really like these poncho's (this is the Tiger one..)

Showing both with Danielle

With the kids of this week!


Today we were painting the kids. We notice we're getting to learn how to schmink and that's quite easy when you have a good example. Today I made a new butterfly on both really cute girls, Joy  and Olivia.

This week I also met a mother of 2 great children who was doing something I really like! She worked in PR (fashion) for a long time and also did a lot of Marketing for 6 years. She started her own business in PR and also does a lot of Graphic Design. Really ALL things I am doing and also like to do and start with in september. I directly gave her my personal info to stay in contact and linked up on linked in. Hopefully we can really help each other. Everywhere I go I really try to get to know new people. It helps in real life and it only makes things a lot easier. We will see what it will brings. 

This night was a difficult one, because we had to say goodbye to a lot of great children. I was Lot this night and Chris was Loek. We made a lot of goodbye pictures with the kids and also got a lot of great and amazing feedback. Parents told us we are doing such a good job, children are obsessed with us and they really respect our way of working. These smiles and words really mean a lot to me. I got this words last year and it changed me a lot and I didn't expext I would got the same kind of responds AGAIN. But yes.. People can be so gratefull for just doing so small things. I always thank them for being auch a great family. Many people also say they would definitely write something on Zoover. Well I really hope they don't forget when their home.
Maybe I will make one standard e-mail and send them to all guests who gave us our e-mailadress, to ask if they want to say something about kids&co. i think most people forget this when they are at home (that's also not crazy of course). 

But for all family's who are following and reading my blog (also from last year). We think of you and again thank you for being with us and making our adventure also more amazing!! Xxxxx

Goodbye picture with Amber & Luca

Also some tears :(

Minidisco time with Loek (me) and Lot (Puck) and also crazy Salih (in Orange)

Got this picture from Sem and Elin who are already at home.

Beautiful picture from Elin with Loeloe (me)

Yeaaah Tiger and Loeloe are in the kidsclub again. Danielle also is wearing the real Loeloe dress overhere (sexy hahah..)

So another GREAT thing. This week I finally swam with dolphins 😍😍😍 yes yes YESSS, what a blast. This was really so amazing. I never did it before and really hadn't any idea about it. The best part of all -> it was free for us. So many many maaaany thanks to our touroperator Frederic from Corendon. He made this happen for us. We were changed and the people overthere explained we couldn't toch the head of the dolphins, but could touch, swim, dance, kiss and see them. We were in the water like 15/20 minutes. It was short, but also really amazing. A real once of a lifetime experience. Again one thing I can cross of my bucketlist.

Unfortunately I didn't liked my pictures so much (sorry I am so critical and maybe I am sad now about my choice) but it was really expensive and I sneaky took some pictures with my iPhone.

This week's vakantielab was making cocktails at the lobby bar. Again it was a great success. Here are some pictures..

Thank you AGAIN for reading my blog and enjoying this adventure with me. At this moment I am writing this whole blog, while lying on the beach with this really amazing sound of the water on the background (it's 18:45 o'clock now). I am alone, because Puck and Chris went On jeepsafari and Danielle went into Alanya right now. We are free, because tonight's the beachparty and we don't have any evening activity. It's really nice to have to 'alone-time'. We will go to Alanya to eat something at a restaurant next to the harbour and enjoy the nice sunset over here. 

Ciao Ciao!

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