3 sep. 2014

We love you Alanya!

Hey you. My final and last blogpost it is.. (About my adventure in Turkey only)

The caunting down has started.. We had to say goodbye to Puck, this week Danielle is also going and the 4th of September (less than 2 weeks) Chris and me also have to say goodbye to all of this =( So I try to enjoy even more of each day than I did before.

On our last free day we did the jeepsafari AND nightsafari together.

Lets start to tell you about last week. Well you might think it would be a lot easier and less kids will come.. Well it isn't. Last week there also arrived a lot of children. Mostly family's who did a last minute booking for just 1 week or 10 days. Still new children are coming and still we can make children very happy. You might think we don't even care anymore, but for me it's different. I know these are my final days in the kidsclub. These are really my last days I can enjoy with the kids and act crazy. 1 really good reason to just give as much energy that I have for the last time.

Me with my amazing international miniclub collegues! Really going to miss them. <3 oksana, vietta and alina.

The 30th of September is the last day the Kids & Co club will be open. We made some posters with this info and put them all around the hotel, so people won't get confused. Also for new people it will be more understandable if we won't be there anymore after this Saturday. On Saturday we will count all merchandise and clean up all the mess.

Dani in this cute Loeloe dress we sell

My Turkish kanka. Gonna miss this kiddo =(

Bieber love..

So last Saturdaynight was a special one.. It was our last night with sweety Puck. She went home Sundaymorning at 08;00 o'clock. Our last night meant a good one with a lot of alcohol and fun. We put on some nice clothes and went to EV Restaurant. We also know some people there and Puck wanted to say goodbye to all people she met overhere. We got some strawberry daiquiries and also got a really cute bracelet from Chris. 'Kanka' is written on it, what means: best friend. Because this is what we definitely became..

My last jeepsafari with Puckie

Got a real Turkish Massage!

Chris.. What ya doin'?!

Chilling Turkish style

Before leaving we also gave Puck a small present. We bought all things she really likes. We made a package with cheese chips, 2 chocolate bars (m&m and caramel), red nailpolish, a lolly and some ice tea. All things we always bought before. Luckily she was really happy with it.

After EV Restaurant we went to Los Angeles Bar. There we stayed all night and ordered a big aquarium with Caipirinha. We had a lot of fun and also danced on the couch. We did 'Tarkan - Kiss Kiss' together with all barmen haha. Of course we already cried over there. All people were really staring at us, but I didn't care. Around 04:30 o'clock we went home and tried to get some sleep. At 07:00 we already woke up to have a quick breakfast and wait for the Corendon bus. There it was.. This moment was terrible. Puck cried and cried and of course all of us also had to cry. We gave a big hug and said goodbye. The bus drove away and we were standing like small, tired and emotional kids. Oh my god, our adventure is almost ending..

Also Danielle her parents were visiting Danielle in Turkey. The came over to the beach party and we also spoke to them. They are really nice people! It only made me miss my family and friends even more..

Last week I was 'the clown'. Once in 2 weeks we have 'a search' for a clown who escaped from the Turkish Circus

The kids had to find the clown around the hotel. Before they could find me they had to gather balloons with words on it. After that they can make a sentence with all the words and they know where they van find me.. 

We also had Tijger's birthday this week. We didn't expect a lot of children, but we saw everybody really loves Tijger (and cake..) because there were around 20 children. We sang and eat the cake together. A lot of parents also came into the kidsclub to make some photo's and watch their children having a lot of fun.

After Tijger's birthday we did our clubdance and asked the children some questions about Tijger.

As I told before we did a jeepsafari alltogether on our last free day. This was amazing. Unfortunately the weather was reaaaally bad. It started raining and the clowds were all gray. It didn't ruïned our day, because we had a lot of fun.

So the goodbye.. Well I can tell you we were crying and crying. Luckily Puck lives in Utrecht, so that's pretty close to my home. Me and mu girls will definitely meet again in Holland. It was still a very difficult and emotional moment. The feeling our adventure is ending is killing me.

Miss you so much!!

So now, 1 week later we had the same thing.. Only this time it was Danielle who had to go. Before yesterday we also did a lot of things. It was our last week in out kids&co club so we had to tell people and gettings things right. Planning what we're going to do at what time.. Last wednesday (day off) Chris and me went on a quadsafari. We reaaally had a lot of fun. This safari was a short one, so we also had some extra time in the afternoon.

Tough girl, right?! ;)

And also there we had a really nice view on Alanya Town! (My friend learned me Alanya is part of Antalya and isn't a city, but a town)

The quadsafari was really nice. After this we went to drink something at our friend: Mustafa, who fixed our quadsafari and afterwards we went to mainpool to eat some nice pizza!
At the time I'm noticing I am getting a little bit bigger from all the nice food, but especially alcohol.. It frustrates me, because I worked hard to get my body in shape, but to go fitness here every day is really hard. 
Well it's my last week, so I will enjoy and in nu holiday in sorgun I will definitely go to fitness everyday.

In the afternoon Chris and I went to the beach for a few hours and unfortunately had go walk back to the hotel, because there wasn't any bus transfer anymore. We didn't want to watch time.. So we walked back and stopped ar our friend Ahmet to drink some fresh Orange juice. 

At the logement we waited for Danielle, because we went to go driving carts. Wauw this was amazing!!!! We will definitely do it again one of these days. We drove 30 minutes (2 times 15 minutes). Also one friend of international team joined us.

Thursday night we also went on a Partyboat. Because every werk on Tuesday we work on this same boat for Kids&Co we got to know the owner (captain). He likes us and invited us on this night trip. We had to be there around 22:15 o'clock, but we finish minidisco at 21:30, so it's really difficult to shower, change and go to alanya in these few minutes. So Danielle fixed a VIP pick-up service haha. Two men from the boat came with scooters and picked us up at our logement. 

This boattrip was much much better than the normal daily one.. The music was loud, only young people where there and alcohol was inclusive. We had a lot of fun!!!

The goodbye to Danielle was also a hard one.. Again we stayed up all night, well.. we tried.. Chris and I fell asleep in my bed haha. We woke up at 06:00 o'clock, arranged a bellboy who brought Danielle her suitcases downstairs and also got Danielle her fave food for her trip to the AirPort. She really fell in love with these kind of cheese's. So we arranged one whole Bread and around 8 or 9 pieces of cheese for her. She was the happiest girl ever haha! 

From that point Chris and me where all alone.. This feeling was so strange. This night I really wanted to go home. I only had this feeling for the night. The next morning I already wanted to do a lot more overhere.

Haha sexy..

So our last days, there were 4 whole free days left. Last week we spotted simpel people who went Paragliding and we were thinking.. Why not also try it ourselves. So we decided to go to our friend Mustafa and asked about the Paragliding. We could go the next morning and it would be €60,- for each person. We were thinking aah why not!! We had to finish our last days in a good way, so we directly booked the excursion. Oh my, we were so nervous.

And here we go.. Check it out:

In the afternoon we went to the Cleopatra Beach (at the other side of the big well known mountain in alanya), because we were back at the hotel at 14:00 o'clock. We relaxed untill 19:00 o'clock and decided to so some shopping for the last time. Ofcourse we both bought something. I bought a new bikini (for mu holiday which will start next week.. I know, I really love my life at the moment), a salmon pink short, a cute tee and a relax short. Afterwards (we only went to 1 shop) we drove home with ghe scooter we got the whole week from a friend of mine and fresh'n up. We took our time to Just chill and around 22;00 o'clock wekwent back into alanya to have dinner at a restaurant we were before. I ate such an amazing steak, really the best one I had! After our dinner we went to LA, ordered a fish bole with Caipirinha and had soms fun with our friends overthere.

The next day I went to Dimcayi (a Nice relaxing place and a lot of reaaaally cold water). I didn't swim ;) I only had a very good brunch overthere. Afterwards I really had to begin packing. So I started and soon I allready stopped with it. My suitcase is loaded!! I really hope it will close tomorrow night =/ 

We arranged everything with the animation manager, he got our key and checked everything from our kids club. So there isn't anything left to arrange.. Tonight we will say goodbye to the people from the animation team and tomorrow will be our last day overhere.

Our last day..

We really enjoyed our last dinner in Alanya yesterday night. We ate the well known and best pizza in town at EV restaurant and drank some wine. Halfway some really nice Swedish girls came sit next to us. They immediately talked to us and all night we were having a lot of fun. One of them also sang at te end of te evening (there's live music in EV restaurant). Around 23:30 o'clock some strawberry daiquiries came our way. We got it from the guys who where sitting next to us. Well we never say no to that kind of drink and the guy who gave it was really nice. After some talking we got another and another one!! Also the girls next to us were spoiled with some cocktails. This guy was a friend of the owner of this restaurant, so he also joined our conversations at our table. We had a lot of fun untill they asked us to come into a limousine for a trip through alanya. Awesome, but I immediately said no. After 30 minutes we left the restaurant (a little tipsy) and went back home. Luckily they weren't angry ;)

Being fancy on the scooter!

Now.. In the morning in our LAST day in Club Paradiso I am relaxing at the pool. We decided to go to an aquapark at 12:00 o'clock, so we woke up at 07:00 (!!), got our breakfast and took it upstairs. 

We will enjoy our last day and tonight.. Well it will be drama I think. I really HATE goodbye's..

Bye Club Paradiso, we reaaaaally loved you!! Maybe see you back in October (surprise surprise.. I will come back in October to work only 2 weeks for Kids & Co in Club Paradiso)

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