8 okt. 2014

6 ways to beat 'FAT DAY'

All women know, some days are worse then others. Some days we feel really good and skinny, but the next day it can already turn into a bad one. We feel fat, ugly and it won't change. You look in the mirror and the only thing you think is 'ugggh'. These days called fat day's.

For example. I ALWAYS feel fat when I'm on my period. Not because I'm eating chocolate or ice-cream (I don't), but my body doesn't feel comfortable.

Well I just found 6 easy ways to beat these awful FAT DAY'S!

1. Move! Try to wake up one hour earlier or just go to the gym directly after work/school. It's not only about loosing weight, it will pay of on three levels. At first, exercise produces mood-boosting endorphins (YES really! I can say so). Exercising and sweating causes blood pumping, what gives you a rose and healthy glow. 

If you really hate the gym or you know you won't go, then it's also possible to just follow a short (like 15-20 minute) workout from youtube. You can easily find a workout that fits you. Choose between zumba, morning gym or for the diehards: insanity.

You can always go for a run around the block. If you go running every morning, you will notice you feel a lot better.

2. Drink half warm water with lemon and cayenne pepper in the morning.
This drink will get your organs going in the beginning of your day. Cayenne pepper and lemon both have major immune boosting and detoxification properties. Also lemon juice is natures best tool to destroy bacteria and cleanse the system.

3. MUSIC! Blast empowering music. Just listen to loud tunes. Try it out, it really helps.

4. Eat clean, of course.. A tip to start the day: A cup of low fat yoghurt. For lunch and dinner you can think about a spinach salad with enough vegetables and some good fat like avocado and olive oil. This is a perfect combination and it also tastes really good.

Try to drink water all day. Also try to change cola, coffee and other caffeine stuff into water or green tea.

5. Find slimming clothes.
When your having a 'fat day', dark colours are you BFF's! If you just use one color in your whole outfit it will easily make you slimmer. It's one of the simplest advices I can give you. With one color you'll create a long vertical line, which slims. Black is the best color to slim, but the colors navy and green also work very well.

6. Be positive.
When your having a fat day you mostly think about your looks. We know (because it's told a lot of times before) that other people don't see details like you'll do yourself. We are very critical when we see ourselves in the mirror. Try to not only see the little bad things, but make a mental checklist of things that ARE going right today. For example, your family, dog, boyfriend, health.. - all that are more important then you're feeling 'fat' right now.

Did you have a 'dat day' before 
and what is YOUR best way to beat those days?


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