24 okt. 2014

Done with Turkey

Oh yes, our last workingdays are finished. This was the last time (yes I'm NOT joking this time) I worked for Kids & Co

The last time I danced like this, the last time I act crazy like this, the last time I wore these pink and blue polo's, the last time I did minidisco with high energy, the last time I slide with clothes into the pool, the last time I spoke Turkish (trying) all day, the last time children jumping and hanging around me, the last time being nice to the animation manager ;), the past time doing drama, the last time in Loeloe, the last time as crazy Lot... 

I get a little sad while writing these things. All of this was amazing, it changed me into a brand new and more energetic person!

Again I want to thank sweetest Cindy for last year. We did the startup in Club Paradiso. Couldn't imagine a better collegue for this year. But also this year was perfect!!! All 3 girls made my stay even better. Now, still working with one of them.. Puck! We're a super team, sooo many energy and crazyness. Everytime I think about all our moments I really have to cry from laughing.

So here it goes: Dear Puck, thank you so so so much for the nice times we spend in Turkey. We rocked every moment. Other's were jealous at our energy, creativity, happyness and attention from all the kids. We showed Paradiso who can entertain and who can really do their job from the bottom of their harts. YES, WE DID!

From us, to you -> some valuable moments together.

Last week at the beach by night.

Game: Boys VS Girls

Last week at the beach in the afternoon

First week October - Loeki & Lot

First week October - day off - jeepsafari

First night Alanya in October!

After highseason - The 'get-together' in Amsterdam!

During jeepsafari in highseason - workingday Kids&Co

Selfie in miniclub

During boattrip Kids&Co

Saying goodbye!

Pizza backing with Puck & Pleuni

In our fabourite bar - LOS ANGELES BAR

Goodbye to Amber, My angel

Day off - Dim Cayi

Going out - our friend Isa at Club Istanbul

We always rented scooters!

Circusshow highseason

In one of the first weeks of highseason

Opening Kidsclub with some kids I knew from last year.

Loekie & Lot with good Finish friend Teemu


Welcome again in Paradiso - October 

End of season - with funny and really Nice kitchen guys 

Sooo happy together... 

Last time dining at EV Restaurant

Always laughing ❤️

 Some Paradiso-fun in Alanya!

Last activity - baking pancakes with 30 kids!!

The end of a perfect summer. A half year with a lot of fun which I shared with some awesome persons.

MOST inportant.. ALL the people surrounded who made this possible. Special thanks to:

The one and only Mr Mehmet, General manager Club Paradiso. Without him this amazing Kids club wasn't possible. Also Peter Brouwer, manager Kids & Co organized all of this. Then Frederic from Corendon, who helped us with a lot of things and fixed some amazing possibilities (jeefsafari's and boat tour's) for us. Then there is LA bar, which is amazing! Then there is also Mehmet Nedanli, owner of Intercity Jeepsafari, who also became a good friend of mine (hope to see you in Holland with Mr Mehmet!). Last but not least Mr Cihat, chef from Paradiso kitchen. He made it possible to make pizza's, pancakes en cookies with all the kids! All waiters and staff from Paradiso: You all are very sweet and nice, we will definitely miss you guys. 

Thank you 10000000 times <3

I'm so gratefull 


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