10 okt. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Wooow couldn't wait for this post again. It has been a long time ago I showed you guys some street style I spotted. Wel yes I finally have some content!

Oh yeah right, why was I doing this? 
Getting inspired by people from the streets. The best way to get in touch with fashion addicts.

This girl was spotted in the River Island in Amsterdam, the Kalverstraat. She was working at the time. I asked some questions about her outfit, but she couldn't really answer them. I asked about her choices in fashion and why she's wearing these kind of things. She was just answering with: 'I just wear what I like and I don't think that clothes tell something about people. I wear red, because it's a nice color.'

I really love her style. The tartan jeans is awesome and applause for her that's she dares to wear one. I never saw this combination before. A little urban with the black sneakers and cropped sweater. Good job girl ;) Really hope to meet and photograph more people like this.

What's your opinion about her outfit?!


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