13 okt. 2014

Hé pretty city

I'm not joking, I am back in Alanya, again..!

My boss asked me to come over for Dutch autumn holiday. Many Dutch people will come to Turkey, because the weather here is around 27 degrees instead of 15 in Holland gathered with lots of wind and rain. 

A veeeery good reason to say YES to this question. Well I left this Friday and arrived in the middle of the night. We immediately had to open the kids & co kidsclub, because it will be open for a short period. Just 2 weeks.. Enough for us after 2,5 months Turkey though..

In the Corendon airplane. Funny fact: I bumped into a stewardess I met last year at the holiday fair. She was working for corendon and I was working for Club Paradiso. What a small world ;)

After our flight we also had to travel by bus for 3 hours. Luckily we had a breathe and pee break. Ofcourse we HAD to try these amazing cowboy hats in the nearest store!

We already had so much fun. I'm with Puck (she was also my collegue this summer) and we became very good friends. Today we did some funny things with Tiger so people will notice Kids & Co is opened! Tomorrow it will be our fabourite day, Loeki & Lot day. We can really do a-ny-thing we want =D

Untill now it was very quiet in the hotel, BUT tomorrow there will arrive a lot more Dutch children, whooehoe!

So pics untill now.. ---> enjoy 😁

Yeaaah arrived!!

First night we directly went to EV restaurant. Our favourite, because the pizza's are terrific!!

Oops.. Couldn't say no to this offer 🙈

Hahah fun fun and more fun with popcorn!

Tijger at reception

And last but not least, the beauty of Turkey. 

X sunny greetings, LOVE.

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