27 okt. 2014

Inspiration: photography

Well now that I'm in Turkey and I got a different mindset.. Read: I'm into photography and looking and getting inspired by a lot of things I wasn't before, I am focussing on pretty and different things. 

The beach and mountains here are amazing, so pretty. Everybody could notice that. I need to photograph products for my next assignment and I just popped into a good idea. 

Today I was at the beach to promote Kids & Co and at the time we were waiting for the bus to take us back to the hotel. I checked my wallet and saw the silver mirrored holder with my blog's businesscards in it. At that time I thought,  wow I need to try to make a perfect photo on the beach (now I am here for the last time and I have this amazing possibility) using my businesscards. Because that's one of the things I'm very proud of. And yes.. The photo's are looking really nice. Next time I will take my professional camera with me and make the shot even more beautiful.

Here's an impression:

Best one!! (up)


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