19 okt. 2014

One last time

It will be the last time I will do this animationwork. After these weeks I will go back to Holland and start working, fulltime. School is over, real life is starting. It will be strange in the beginning, but I really like to put all my energy in one serious thing. Having a focus on something.

So we're already halfway. One week passed and one week to go. Luckily there are many children who like our kidsclub. It's still very quiet in the hotel, but almost all kids are coming to Kids & Co ;) 

We made pizza's, let the children eat with us, had a Loekie & Lot show, did crazy things with Tiger and Loeloe, jumped into te water with clothes, made pictures and a lot more. All children are wearing their yellow kids & Co shirts everyday! So amazing to see!!

We did the jeepsafari again. Unfortunately the weather was so bad, we had to wear jeans and sweaters. We had a fun day though..

Eating with Kids & Co

This day we made a lot of promotion for our Pizza making activity!

I only have some problems in Holland. I am not the same like always. Love, you know.. I feel weird and different what makes my stay overhere so strange. I am happy like always, but I also feel sad at the same time. Luckily I have a lot of other things to do. But I also can't wait to go back to Holland.

Unfortunately Alanya is so quiet if you compare it with summer and it's cold in the night. We have more free time because we don't go to the city every night. Sometimes we're really bored.. Luckily I can also spent my time in the gym or making photographes.

Pirate day!

Relaxing while watching Madagascar!

Well we will definitely make the best of it! We love this work and the kids are amazing. 3 November I will start to work fulltime at Treatwell. I will have more responsibily in my work and I will have people under me (sounds good right). I will be a senior whoohoo, what will be a challenge for me. 

The great thing is.. I live for challenges!

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  1. Geniet er nog maar van! je gaat deze "zorgeloze" tijden nog missen! Alvast veel succes met je vaste baan!

    x Karen