22 okt. 2014

PORTFOLIO: 1st assignment photography

So you might think, first assignment.. That would be an easy one. Oh-nooo! Listen. We had to take 5 popular (so well-known) pictures to class. I brought one from 9/11, the napalm girl, the fallen soldier, the beatles walking in one line on the road and the famous Einstein sticking out his tongue. I had to choose one of these photo's and also one of my best holiday photo's from last summer.

At first I chose the napalm girl and from my holiday pics I chose the one I was paragliding (because it was an amazing experience and the sight was beautiful).

the beatles

9/11, jumping men 

Albert Einstein 

The falling soldier 

After we chose our photo's, our teacher told us we now had to take a new picture where you can 'feel' like your seeing both pictures. So YES.. I had to make one picture where you can see extreme happiness compared with extreme pain. Wel hello, that's a challenge!

So after some days of brainstorming I thought of a relationship. Something you can enjoy but also gives you moments which can make you feel really bad and awful. So in the beginning I had one idea, but I couldn't find the right location. Me and my friend where walking and walking through Amsterdam. At the end of the day we decided to start brand new and yes we created a new idea. 

I created a dark and a bright side. The women standing behind the men, she's in tears and feeling really bad and he is standing in front of her, protecting her and looking forward without any emotion/a little mad (he is a men!) Light is shining on then, they will stick together nomather what. The women is holding her men like she never did before. I made a few different pictures. I also made one where the women cries, but the men is smiling

Here you can see the big difference between joy and sadness. The background is also moving, people walking buy and there is shown 'life'. I use both pictures to describe the situation I'm trying to show you.

The other ones I also want to show:

 Models: Alice Mooren & Tiam Mory
Photography: Pleuni de Zeeuw

Final rating: 9 (whoeeehoe so proud of myself)

I am really curious about your opinion. Do you think I translated well?


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