8 nov. 2014

SHOCKING: Geordie Shore's Holly tranformation

Wow, I saw these pictures from Holly (well known from Geordie Shore on MTV) and I couldn't believe my eyes.. She changed her looks and turned into a kind of 'normal/regular' lady. 

Of course we all know her big love for fake and plastic.. If you look at the pictures below you can immediately notice her big boobs. Well that's really her thing, but she changed her hair into a dark brown color, got some good looking extensions and lost A LOT of weight! What do you think?

I got a lot of 'Holly-selfies' to show you, so check it out:

I like her transformation. I really don't like this kind of colored hair (what she had before) and all the things that makes her 'plastic'. Now she's looking more kind of 'naturel' and ladylike. When you see her, you won't be shocked immediately. Of course we do know better ;). BUT I think she turned into a more beautiful person on the outside.

Holly before..

Better or worse than before? Do you recognize and appreciate her new look?

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