28 dec. 2014

Double H!

Happy Holidaysssss!!

A great and P E R F E C T summary of my Christmasdays with my most beloved people around me <3

Merry Xmas 
& a freakin' happy 2015 

The first 'ceelbrate-moment' was at my works Christmas 'drink' (borrel in Dutch) last Friday the 19th of December. We had to work till 17:00 o'clock and all went to small and cosy bar nearby. This was also our 'christmasgift' from Treatwell, so we started drinking wine and wine and more wine. Later that night I came up to the idea to put some lemon's in our wine, to make it more 'tasty' - Vino Limono was created! Had a wonderful and funny night with the BEST colleagues ever. <3

my vino limono drinkers - Brit and Thalisa!

Just 'kissing' the christmas bal?! Yeah, had to make a 'Christmas-feeling-photo' to share my best wishes to all of you. 

Brunch at my parent's place!! My mom is SO proud and happy with her Christmas Tableware. Every year she is giving it some extra attention. So this is for her: Check out the amazing and cute chickens & christmas tree's on the plates, mugs and napkins!

1st Day Time Outfit

Sending kisses to a special one 💋

On our way to surprise my brother at work - Badhotel Domburg

So what do you do at first Christmas day after having a great and big brunch or lunch? Well we were just chilling on the couch with our iPhones and iPads. I didn't liked the idea to just sit and play with these toys and decided to surprise my brother at work. He always have to work at these holiday days, so he couldn't be with us. We drove to Domburg and just drank some coffee without using our iPhones! Teun (brother) was really surprised and happy with our visit - woohoo.

Next outfit!

Evening outfit nr. 1

& pretty mom:

2nd Christmasday

First detail evening outfit nr 2!

Straight first day, curly second day.

Say welcome to our family:

Teun (brother), Tansu (niece) and me

Dinner 's ready! With the whole bunch

Had a wonderfull christmas with family & a lot of love!! ❤️

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