10 dec. 2014

Visit at FOAM museum

Last Monday I took a visit at the photography museum FOAM in Amsterdam. 

The work of Vivian Maier was shown - unfortunately not a lot of her work.. 

I already saw her (just new) documentary. She really made me curious to see more. Her whole story is so inspiring. She will never know how famous she's become. Unfortunately she's already passed away.

Her photographes were find by a young men who bought a lot of negatives on an auction. When he saw these amazing shots, he searched for more of her work and he found it. Thousands of negatives popped up. And there she was.. Best photographer ever!!

Here I show you a few pics of my visit to FOAM.

First some other inspiring artwork (NOT vivian's):

Photography VS hanwork/imagination


Selfie shadow-shot!

Curious about your opinion about Vivian's work?!
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